Advances In Agricultural Technology

Advances in Agriculture led to advances in cities, settlements and bold marked dots on the map. Without Agriculture wouldn't be civilizations for people would never have a "home" for there would always be on the move "following the herd".
Advances in Agricultural Technology was probably the most crucial enhancement in technology.

Over the years humans have been hunting and trapping all kinds of animals on hopes of killing an animal. Hopes were not feeding the family though there was never a for sure kill. So Over time people started domesticating and raising their own animals, like chickens, cows, pigs, so that eventually when they were running low on meat they could walk out back and just pick the healthiest looking animal, kill it and there was dinner for the next couple months. This was way better than hunting animals and not knowing if you were gonna kill one.

In conjunction with livestock, people also started thinking ahead on what they could do to make finding food easier. Earlier people had to search for their wild fruits and berries, eventually people caught on that if they took the seeds from inside the fruits, and berries they could plant the in designated locations and it would grow a large bush or plant every year. Eventually these small patches became large and lustful gardens and then into small fields.

When people started raising crops and animals it started small settlements where some farmers had surpluses in food, which they would sell to other people who may not have a "green thumb". Maybe they aren't good with crops but are real good with wood or steel. So then became a barter or trade. With these barter and trading areas it created word of places that food and products could be bought. (stores) Back in the day there wasn't money so people would trade what they were good at, maybe making disks, and plows for a farmers crops, and livestock.

If there wasn't small stores and villages, there would never have been towns. In the beginning they weren't really towns but they were small places were farmers would gather and sell or trade their skills (Green Thumb) for other peoples skills. (Like working metal) Even though people were often on the move, when people realized that they could settle down by farmers that had surpluses of food and just purchase food from them.