Agricultural Revolution:)

What events and characteristics define the Agricultural Revolution?
You may struggle finding what you need in the textbook. The agricultural revolution here refers to the "British Agricultural Revolution" and is centered around mechanization, technology, and communication to increase the productivity making urbanization and the industrial revolution possible. Begin here: Wikipedia on British Agricultural Revolution.

Timeline of the Agricultural Revolution:
1700- British Agricultural Revolution begins in the United Kingdom
1809- Nicolas Appert invents canning because he discovered that canning keeps foods fresh for many years. (Canning is a method of preserving food by sealing in into an airtight container.)
1837- Deere developed and manufactured the first commercially successful cast-steel plow. The wrought-iron framed plow had a polished steel share. This made it ideal for the tough soil of the Midwest
1871- Louis Pasteur invents Pasteurization. Pasteurization is when you partially sterilize something, with heat or irradiation which makes the product safe using and it makes it better to keep.
1930- First use of aerial photos in agriculture