24-3 Checkpoint Questions:

Checkpoint #1: How was Western imperialism a source of stress in Muslim regions of the world?
~There was a shifting balance of authority, people were forced to move to new locations, and diplomacy and military threats also caused much stress.

Checkpoint #2: How were efforts to Westernize problematic for the Ottoman empire?
~Internal revolts began in many different places, which weakened the empire, while Egypt slipped out of their control while trying to suppress the uprising. Also, once they introduced better healthcare, the population increased the already intense competition for land, and repressive sultans (Ottoman Turkish empire rulers), opposed reform and tried to recreate the autocratic power that was enjoyed by their previous leaders.
As tensions increased, a genocide (deliberate attempt to destroy a racial, political, or cultural group) of Armenians broke out brutally. Many people were slaughtered, while others died from starvation or disease.

Checkpoint #3: How did Egypt fall under British control?
~Egypt was not able to repay loans that had been contracted for the canal and other projects that were built. To pay the debts off, he had to sell his shares in the canal. The British are the ones who did, gaining interest in the nation.

Checkpoint #4: How did Persia attract foreign interest in the early 1900s?
~Persia attracted foreign interest in the early 1900's, most likely because of the oil fields that had been discovered. Everyone wanted a way to increase profits to themselves.