European Claims in Muslim Regions

1. How was Western imperialism a source of stress in Muslim regions of the world?
So much was going on. Muslim empires started to fall apart and schools of technology and laws were being emerged into the Ottoman empires. But from the diplomacy and military threats Europeans won treaties and slowly won rights. It was a lot for the Muslims and they didn’t really know how to take it.

2. How were efforts to Westernize problematic for the Ottoman empire?
Revolts broke out between the people and Europe started to increase pressure to the Ottoman empire. But the Ottoman’s started to grow their economy by sending people for greater education and reorganizing the governments taxes and systems of collecting the taxes. In the end the Muslim Turks accused the Armenians of supporting the Russians plans and lost all support.

3. How did Egypt fall under British control?
Ali brought military successors to Egypt to help him build a empire but Ali didn’t really have a strong knowledge about anything that was really going on but in the end they built a canal and Ali gave it over to the British to pay his debt.

4. How did Persia attract foreign interest in the early 1900s?
The new technology and protections of India Germany. But a big part was the oil fields.