European Claims in Muslim Regions

1. How was Western imperialism a source of stress in Muslim regions of the world?
In the Muslim regions of the world Western imperialism was a source of stress, because Western imperialism trying to take over was the topping of all the other problems. Many reforms were going on and there was corruption too.
2. How were efforts to Westernize problematic for the Ottoman empire?
Many Ottomans thought that Westernization was good idea. They even built railroads, improved education and hired Europeans to train a modern military, but many officials objected to the changes inspired by foreign culture.
They instead tried to rebuild the autocratic power enjoyed by earlier rulers. A group of liberals formed a movement called the Young Turks. They overthrew the sultan and tried to achieve their reforms, but before they could the Ottoman empire was thrown into the world war in 1914.
3. How did Egypt fall under British control?

4. How did Persia attract foreign interest in the early 1800s?